Enumclaw Seventh-day Adventist® Church

Update #2 - March 19

Coronavirus Update: March 19, 2020 - @ 8:27 PM

Church Family & Friends,

We wanted to reach out and provide an update this week as we enter week two of closing church and services to our members and the public during this rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic. 

Church Closed Through March 31
Based on guidance from the Governor of Washington and King County (see links below), gatherings of 50 or more are prohibited until March 31, and could be extended further as needed.

Next Steps for Enumclaw Church
As we continue to navigate these uncharted waters we will continue to provide updates via: phone, text messages, email, social media and our church website. The Washington Conference of Seventh-day Adventists has provided a response to all churches and members (see additional links on the right menu), encouraging them to start adopting a Virtual Model of Ministry as we don't know how long social gatherings will be prohibited.

In coordination with the Washington Conference and Pastor Ken Parker, the Enumclaw Church Elders have met and started formulating a plan to stay connected with our church family and friends. Below are links and information on how to stay connected. We also welcome any feedback and suggestions on how we can stay connected and provide more support to our community and members as a family in Christ.


Stay Connected

  • Prayer Requestshttps://enumclawwa.adventistchurch.org/ministries/prayer
    We want to start developing a renewed prayer list that our members can confidentially share and pray for each other. If you have a prayer request please submit it via our prayer request form where it will be sent to the Pastor and Elders. It will not be posted publicly. Also feel free to reach out directly to Elders or others in the church to share your requests.
  • Support / Phone Calls - as we limit most or all social activities, we encourage you to call your friends, family, and church members to see how they are doing and if they need any help. If help is needed please let one of the Elders know and we will work with you and other members of our church in making arrangements to safely help those in need. Also, the Elders are organizing a list of names and numbers to reach out to everyone in our church with the purpose of staying connected and to see how we can help. If you would like to help make phone calls or provide support and get involved please let one of the Elders know.
  • Facebook - Stay connected online, our church has a private Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/513583755388003/), if you are on Facebook and you want to connect this way or share prayer requests in this private setting please check out this online group.
  • Small Groups / Outdoor Activities - staying in compliance with Washington State, King County, and the CDC we encourage you to follow all public health guidelines. Over the next week or two if social gatherings continue to be prohibited, we will explore the possibility of "safe" options where small groups and outdoor activities like hikes and walks can occur; while supporting and complying with all guidelines. We have no way of knowing how long these social limitations will be in place and if possible we hope to provide “safe” in person fellowship options. Again, any ideas, feedback, or suggestions are welcome.
  • Financial Support - Last but not least we want to encourage our church members to continue giving generously to the ministries of the church. We exist as a community to bless and serve those around us, and staying operational during this time of crisis will help us to continue meeting the needs of our church family and community. There are many who are being economically impacted and the church has a Brotherhood and Community Services fund that can help as we identify needs in our church and community. If you have not donated to our church online before you can follow this link: https://adventistgiving.org/#/org/ANIMDL/envelope/start, and all donations will be directed to our church so we can continue to operate and worship once this pandemic has passed and provide assistance during this crisis. 


Spiritual Growth / Online Sermons, Services, & Media Links
During this time of social distancing we encourage you to take time personally and with your family to pray and study, and grow closer to Jesus. Below are some online options, but there are many great online options that can be found.


Church Elders

  • Darren Gronewold
  • Shirlee Crain
  • Denise Henry
  • Ronald Odiyar

To protect personal information, we are not adding emails or phone numbers, but reach out of Facebook, or to a local church member to get contact info if needed.